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Under a magnifying glass the roughened surface of a wart often looks like a tiny cauliflower. The little black dots sometimes seen are the ends of blood vessels that the wart has recruited to bring it food. Contrary to well-established belief, the underside of a wart is smooth and round, and the entire wart is confined to the epidermis – the outermost layer of the skin. There are no roots! Even without roots, warts can be difficult to destroy.

Warts are infections caused by viruses that are present everywhere, making them among the most common of all skin conditions. The culprit will be one of more than 70 types of human papillomaviruses (HPV). They are spread when the virus touches a part of the skin where the outer protective layer is broken, either by minor trauma or by moisture. This happens most commonly on the fingers, elbows, knees, and the bottoms of the feet. Warts on the bottom of the feet are called plantar warts – named for the plantar surface (sole) of the foot.

Warts Chicago Some people get warts more easily than other people. Warts are more common in children than in adults, partly because of their less mature immune systems and partly because they spend more time in wet-floored locker rooms and in active, close play. Wearing something on the feet in locker rooms and at the pool can prevent many plantar warts.

Plantar warts often make running, jumping, and even walking, uncomfortable. The tenderness can change posture and cause strain elsewhere in the body. A little wart can be a big problem. Sometimes wearing a doughnut bandage can alleviate the discomfort. The warts are usually most tender when they are growing most rapidly. Often, the pain will disappear within a few days even if nothing is done. Warts should be treated if they are spreading, unsightly, or continue to be painful.

At Kovak Cosmetic Center our specialists treat warts by using the CO2 laser. The method of CO2 wart removal is known to be the most effective wart removal. Using the laser technology the beam of light is focused to the wart alone thereby reducing the chances of affecting the nearby normal skin. This method removes the wart growths quicker and by vaporizing the warts without bleeding. Besides lasers, we also treat with topicals and injections.

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