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ThermiAesthetics ChicagoNot Ready for Surgery But Want Something Done Now?

At Kovak Cosmetic Center, we are pleased to announce the newest addition to our cosmetic procedure technology. Introducing the ThermiAesthetics™ line, a thermistor-regulated energy solution for plastic surgery and dermatology. ThermiAesthetics™ uses the ThermiRF™ device (temperature controlled radio frequency) which allows for physicians to apply heat as a treatment for nerve conditions and aesthetic soft tissue. During the procedures, the temperature can be controlled to target specific tissue areas which require different heat levels for optimum results. The ThermiRF™ is a “pinnacle in the evolution of radio frequency treatments,” that works well in tightly connected tissue areas such as the neck, cheeks, arms, back, and stomach area. Patients today are demanding faster, less invasive procedures with little, if any, downtime. If you want to reduce those pockets of unwanted fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise or if you would like to tighten loose sagging skin, call Dr. Kovak today to schedule a consultation!

ThermiAesthetics™ offers three different procedures using the ThermiRF™: ThermiTight™, ThermiRase™, and ThermiSmooth™.

Results can vary based on patient.*

ThermiAesthetics Oakbrook Terrace

Results can vary based on patient.*

ThermiTight™ aims to tighten sub-dermal skin. The ThermiRF™ device is coupled with a SmartTip™ probe to target skin under the epidermal layer (first layer of skin). The radio frequency energy stimulates the production of collagen (which supports the skin) from within; this procedure can be used to tighten the skin of the face, neck, back, chest and arms. During the procedure, the SmartTip™ probe is inserted under the skin and is gently moved around the area. The heat from the probe can be adjusted to the desired temperature in order to prevent burns and produce optimal results. Most procedures last less than an hour depending on the area of skin being treated.

ThermiVa™ is the first in-office, non-surgical procedure for labia and vaginal tightening. A simple radiofrequency device uses thermistor technology to administer heat to the internal and external vaginal tissues. The thermistor tip of the device controls the heat delivered to ensure precision. This stimulates collagen production, which helps to remodel and re-strengthen the structures of the tissues, increasing the tightness and appearance of the vagina. The one-time applicator is gently curved to provide comfort during the procedure. The treatment takes about 30 minutes, and 3 treatments are suggested for optimal results. There is zero downtime, meaning you can get back to your normal life immediately—patients can even resume sexual intercourse the day of treatment.

ThermiVa ChicagoThe ThermiVa procedure is unlike many traditional options for vaginal rejuvenation. It will not only help to increase the overall appearance of and to strengthen the labia by tightening the vaginal tissues, but it can also help with issues like restoring sensation, dryness during sex, incontinence, and other hormonal issues. Several women have reported immediate results after just one treatment.

ThermiVa was recently developed by Thermi Aesthetics, “a women’s wellness company whose mission is to help women reclaim, restore, and revive.” Thermi utilizes thermistor technology to provide results that were previously unattainable without surgery. Kovak Cosmetic Center is one of the first and only practices in the area to offer ThermiVa treatments to patients—call us at (630) 758-0470 or schedule a consultation to ask our physicians how ThermiVa can help you.

ThermiSmooth Chicago

Results can vary based on patient.*

ThermiSmooth™ is a non-invasive skin smoothing system designed to rejuvenate collagen production in the skin. Using a thermistor hand piece, which is attached to the ThermiRF™, the tool delivers controlled heating to the surface of the skin to provide the desired smooth results. The skin’s collagen will shrink when heated to a certain temperature which further increases collagen production. During the procedure, a gel is placed on to the skin before the hand piece is applied in circular strokes. Each skin zone is treated for approximately 5 minutes and is repeated several times to reach the desired results.

Thermi250™ is a high powered, thermistor-regulated radiofrequency system emitting at 470 kHz, the most studied RF radiofrequency in aesthetic medicine. This platform is designed with a unique feature set and user friendly graphic user interface, which enables maximum versatility for targeting laxity and unwanted fat from head to toe.

Thermi250 ChicagoThe Thermi250 Advantages:

  • Power and Frequency
  • Temperature Control
  • Temperature and Impedance Monitoring
  • Monopolar and Bipolar
  • Wide Array of Electrodes
  • Precision Depth Control

How Long Will it Take to Recover? Can I Return to Normal Activities Quickly?

For each of the three procedures, there is little to no recovery time. In most cases, you are free to return to your daily routine after the procedure. You may experience some swelling, redness, or inflammation at the sites.

How Fast Will I See Results? Will I Need More Than One Treatment?

Most patients see some immediate improvement depending on the procedure. Maximum effect occurs over 6 to 12 weeks, as the body increases collagen production in the treated areas. Some procedures may require more than one treatment. Talk to Dr. Kovak for a unique consultation to find out which procedure is best for your skin condition!

Contact Kovak Cosmetic Center for more information about our newest technology ThermiAesthetics™! or click here to schedule a consultation.

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