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Chemical PeelsChemical peels are a procedure in which a chemical solution is used to help exfoliate the skin. This procedure will help improve the effects of aging, blotchy pigmentation, spots and pore size. Dr. Kovak will determine the type of chemical peel specific for your skin type.
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Glycolic acid (alpha-hydroxy acid) peels are a group of naturally occurring acids which are derived from certain plants and fruits. The most commonly used form of ahpha-hydroxy acid is glycolic acid, which comes from sugar cane. Alpha-hydroxy acids work by stimulating new growth of skin and collagen by decreasing the bond that holds dead skin cells on the surface. This allows dead cells to be removed gradually, leaving behind a layer of smoother and softer skin. The peel procedure takes about thirty minutes. Typically multiple peels are recommended at 2-3 week intervals to optimize the results.

Salicylic acid or beta peels are often prescribed for patients who have oily skin or are acne prone. Beta Hydroxy acids are simple organic fruit acids found in nature or synthesized in a laboratory. Salicylic acid, a common beta hydroxyl acid, has been used for treating acne for decades. Beta hydroxyl acid is used to accelerate skin cell turnover and help clear pores. It can penetrate more deeply than alpha hydroxyl acids and is gentler.

Mandelic acid is derived from the extract of bitter almonds and is useful for treating photo-aging and irregular pigmentation. Mandelic acid is useful in suppressing pigmentation and rejuvenating photo-aged skin. Chemical peels with Mandelic acid combined with Lactic Acid, at weekly or bi-weekly intervals, have shown improvement for melasma, lentigenes, and fine photo-aging damage.

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