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Cheek TreatmentsAs we age, we begin to lose fat in our faces, most noticeably in the cheek area. This slimming of the face can give you a thin, ghostly look, which until recently was only treatable through intensive and costly plastic surgery. With the advancement of new, affordable fillers, these times have long passed.

Most cheek enhancement procedures take about 20 minutes, during which Dr. Kovak injects Sculptra, a dermal filler, into the desired area. Injected just under the skin, Sculptra immediately fills the depressed area, although within a few days water absorption and reduction of edema return the skin to its baseline depression. After several weeks, during which Dr. Kovak follows your progress, your dermal thickness will expand, eliminating volume defects and leaving you with a fuller, healthier face. To obtain more information on how to enhance your cheeks and return your face to its youthful appeal, schedule a consultation today!





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